Saturday, July 15, 2006

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LOVE; ACE OF WANDS; A ceremonial sceptre symbolising the elements of fire. It signifies the flame of the thunderbolt.


The flame of passion is burning strong in your heart, so take a deep breath and just enjoy what comes over the month ahead. Soon you will start to feel that you are on the right path with LOVE the end result will prove satisfactory to the heart. You have a lot to offer to the right person, you may find trust a hard word to use but soon that will all change and all will come together nicely. The only way is up and that is where you are heading, when you reach the top just take time to congratulate yourself as it was not easy. You will not walk alone as the wands never come in ones, so the right person will be there for you when the time is right.


CAREER; KING of WANDS; As the King stands on the hill top over looking his kingdom waiting for the sun to set, at the end of day he can rest.


You are searching for a new pathway; the only way forward is to follow your heart. Money is important but happiness also plays a large part in the WORK place, if you are unhappy you can not do the job properly so the main thing is to be content with the place of WORK not the money. Over the months that lie ahead you will find the right feeling, when you feel settled then you could relax and enjoy life more. The year that lies ahead opens many doors to help you reach your goal, as long as you leave the past behind then all will turn out fine. Take control of your ideas and make them work for you, never hold back when asked to share your thoughts you will find that you have more to offer than you think.


GENERAL; KING of CUPS; the King waits for his men to return so he can celebrate their victory. Lots of happiness flows from the cups of life.


You have a good year ahead where changing your pathway is, you want to move on and have a better life. The waiting game is over and the best is yet to come, the end of October beginning of November is where you know that you made the right decision. Make sure that you speak from the heart and let people know that you are in control of your life. There is a luck period around the middle of the year ahead; the numbers 18/7/25/34 are part of the luck cycle. New Hope for success start when you decide what you want, thinking positive brings positive opportunities. A family member has news of a new Baby, this child brings joy to the happy parents to be also you maybe asked to a Godparent. Only the brave will come out on top, what they show here for you is to speak out and set the record straight. There is a problem within the social circle where someone is back stabbing others, try not to get to caught in this as you will be the worst in world. You have a kind heart but sometimes its better to allow others solve there own problems, at the end of the day you will find that by taking a back seat it was the right decision.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The workings of Tarot

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Optimism, a way out of difficulties, a truce, the agreement of opposites, reconciliation, balance.

.Patients are required at this moment in time, let the tension release, before confronting the issue of which is giving you the problems at the moment. A clear head is always better than a confused one.


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