Friday, June 23, 2006

The Tarot Card Readers

A Blog all about the Tarot card, one card a day interpretation, all 84 cards with reverse meaning also

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The secret of successfull reading is practice.

Without practice you cannot hope to be a good

Tarot Card Reader, unless you have, as some do

natural mediumistic abilities.

So use the cards every day if possiable.Become

familiar with the illustrations, then the

interpretations. If you have time for nothing

else try at least to handle them regularly

preferably just before you go to sleep at night.

This will allow their content to sink into your


Here at, we look to our

readers to be enthusiastic and have a mix of

mediumistic abilities and hard practice. Their

skills with the cards are important, as are their

ability to interpret the cards. We pride ourselves

with these skills and the knowlegde we are some of

the best readers on the net today, if not the world.

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